architectural glass and stained glass by Arthur Stern
architectural glass stained glass

Architectural glass and stained glass artist Arthur Stern comes out of an American glass tradition, drawing inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School. He has used Wright's geometric glass detailing as a departure point for his own designs. Also a student of the work of German post-war glass designers like Johannes Schreiter, Ludwig Schaffrath and Jochem Poensgen, Stern has combined these influences into a unique design sensibility strongly inspired by architecture. He considers himself a designer first and an artist second, and creates each installation with sensitivity to its specific environment. Arthur Stern also creates free standing and bas-relief sculpture, mixed media works on canvas and board, as well as works on paper.
What's New:
GSP International Airport (video): Exotic Birds is a large public art project installed July 2016 at GSP International Airport. Four different 9' wide x 11' tall panels, installed in pairs, are backlit with LED lights. Fabricated in powdered glass frit fused to plate glass during the tempering process with hand blown and dichroic glass laminated details, the dichroic glass is reflective and changes color depending on your viewing position as you walk through the airport's ticketing lobby. The winged design represents flight, and the textures were designed to look like a large weaving or tapestry, since Greenville, SC is considered the "textile capitol" of the US
San Francisco General Hospital: The Streets and Hills of San Francisco is a 2015 large public art project for the The City of San Francisco and San Francisco General Hospital and has earned a Merit Award in the 2015 CODA Awards for Public Art.
Cary Fire Station #8: Beacon to the Community is a 2013 large public art project for the City of Cary, NC and has been selected as a 2014 CODA Award finalist.
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