My work is primarily oriented towards architecture, adding art to the environment. Geometry is the language of architecture and I find it a perfect vocabulary from which to design architectural glass detailing. Geometric design is timeless. It could be ancient Egyptian, Native American, De Stijl, Constructivist, Art Deco, or Prairie School. By personalizing both the graphics and materials I very much consider my work of our time, while finding inspiration in all these genres.

I try to design glass detailing that is sensitive to its environment, suitable to the function and scale of the building. I take hints from the architecture in choosing color, shape, and texture. The volumetric progressions, rhythms, proportions, and materials of the architecture help me to focus my design intentions. Combining this with the design criteria of architects, designers and clients gives me a good departure point for designs.

My work is a continuous process of exploring and refining a personal abstract language that I can apply to the specific criteria of an architectural project. I look forward to opportunities where good architecture and interior design are made better through the creative use of glass.