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I create bas relief wall mounted sculpture as well as sculptural pieces that incorporate leaded glass panels. These are mostly done on a commission basis but I have a few large pieces in stock as well as macquettes that could be residential scaled pieces. The bas relief pieces are built from hardwoods or painted wood with opaque, mirrored and dichroic glass. I also have some free standing sculptural pieces that use leaded glass panels. Prices vary depending on size, materials, and complexity.

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Recent series of six sculptures, named for Greek Gods
7' x 4' x 2'
wood, metal, and leaded glass with beveled glass prisms

Image #1 Image #3
"Apollo", "Zeus", and "Poseidon"

"Poseidon", "Hera", and "Athena"


Gallery shot illustrating a screen, an enhanced work on paper, and the sixth Greek Gods sculpture, titled "Mercury"

ZigZag Frozen Music
Imperial Bank Sculpture "Three Figures"

(15' x 8' x 5")

This lobby wall piece uses leaded glass and zolotoned wood. The three 15-feet-tall bas-relief figures are rendered in iridescent, mirrored, and opaque glass chosen for its reflective light characteristics. Changing vantage points create quietly shimmering highlights.

Note: This piece was originally commissioned for a bank. The bank moved and the piece is now available for sale.
Update: SOLD (again)

These free-standing zigzag sculptures and screens were created for a one-man show at the Bank of America World Headquarters Gallery in San Francisco. The sculptural screens are actually flat panels that create an illusion of three dimensions, the shape of the panels relating directly to the graphics of the piece. This concept is also illustrated in the Double Walnut Doors I created on commission.
ZigZag Frozen Music Image #3
Zig Zag Frozen Music
(6' x 2'9" x 2')
Frozen Music Quartet 2
(60" x 60")

Sculptural Screen

[Side View]

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