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Arthur Stern Studios also produces sculpture in wood, metal and glass in formats not traditionally associated with the medium. The bas relief wood-and-glass sculptures work with reflected light, while the free-standing sculptures utilize the transmitted light qualities of art glass.
Imperial Bank Sculpture

"Three Figures" (15' x 8' x 5")
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This lobby wall piece uses leaded glass and zolotoned wood. The three 18-feet-tall bas-relief figures are rendered in iridescent, mirrored, and opaque glass chosen for its reflective light characteristics. Viewers descending the staircase see quietly shimmering highlights as their vantage point changes.

"Torchere" (8' x 5' x 6")
Bas relief wood & glass sculpture

R.B. Long Federal Courthouse
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Clayton Valley Altar Close Sculpture with Walnut Cross
Clayton Valley Presbyterian, Clayton, CA

Incorporating a gilded glass mosaic, this sculpture functions as a sound-diffusing screen
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In 1983, Arthur Stern created a series of free-standing zigzag sculptures and screens for a one-man show at the Bank of America World Headquarters Gallery in San Francisco. The sculptural screens are actually flat panels that create an illusion of three dimensions.