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I have a range of screens available varying in size from tabletop pieces to full room divider screens. They are either framed in hardwood or painted wood. I also build these on a commission basis. Glass is calculated by the square foot and framing is extra, as per specifications. Existing pieces can be reframed to match your environment.

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Frozen Music in Blue w/Fireplace Screen Frozen Music in Blue
Barkley Screen
(6'-2 1/2"h x 4'-0"w)
Mackintosh Screen (in two pairs)
(6'-2 3/4"h x 3'-3"w) each
A Chance Meeting Frozen Music in Red
"A Chance Meeting Between Piet Mondrian, Josef Albers and Frank Lloyd Wright" or "De Stijl Meets Constructivism, Meets Prairie School"
(6'6"h x 8'h) SOLD

"Frozen Music in Red"
(6'6"h x 5'w) SOLD
Frozen Music in Blue w/Fireplace Screen Frozen Music in Blue
Frozen Music in Blue, with fireplace screen SOLD
(5'w x 6'6"h)
Frozen Music in Blue SOLD
(5'w x 6'6"h)
Mackintosh Screen Image #2
Mackintosh Screen
(6'8"w x 6'4"h) SOLD

Leaded handblown and plate glass
in a walnut frame with oak stops

Frozen Music/Opus 23
(8' x 6'6")
Image #4 Frozen Music in Yellow
Kind of Blue for Miles/
Kind of Purple for Kate
(8' x 6'6")
Frozen Music in Yellow
(8' x 6'6") SOLD
Image #1 Image #3
Frozen Music/Opus 28
(61" x 76") SOLD
Frozen Music Quartet 2
(60" x 60")

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